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I know, I know. The name is just to long. But i cannot think of anything better just yet. Probably not just yet.

So what is DREAMANSIONSPHOTOGRAPHY? I am a photographer that basically, well, how should I put it best, takes pictures. Since I also do other stuff, its DREAMANSIONS first and then PHOTOGRAPHY. Quite simple.

I mainly do commerical work for stock agencies, but since most of this isn’t really artistic and stuff, I think it’s best to keep it separated from this here. In my spare time I do more artistic images. But I kinda have a problem with the label artistic, since there are so many stereotypes linked to it. Let’s just call it ‘creative’.

You can see some of my work on my channel on instagram, but since I’m one hell of a perfectionist, which basically makes ‘just posting’ stuff a ‘,mission impossible’ I only sometimes post pics. Thing is, I just cannot decide, in which direction an instagram channel should go into. Only potraits? Only travel? Only landscape? Mix all of them? How? Or separate channels? And what happends, if you decide along the way to do something else with the channel and then, you would need to post a picture AGAIN? Like a picture, you POSTET ALREADY?

Oh yeah, and since there weren’t enough criteria for my ig already, I for now basically use it as portfolio for DREAMANSIONSPHOTOGRAY. So for now, there is no real reason to post photos on this site.

So yeah, maybe I’ll figure it out someday back in the future, till then,


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